Spongewrong HediousPants is a parody of Spongebob Squarepants composed of a few Youtube videos.


Episode 1: Moar Krabs Takes Over The World - Moar Krabs becomes the sensation of the nation as picture after picture shows Moar Krabs influence on the world.

Episode 2: Moar Krabs and Squidward - After Moar Krabs drops by Squidward's house, he gets an unpleasant surprise.

Episode 3: Moar Krabs Listens to Cool Music - Moar Krabs decides to cool off and listen to cool Scatman music.

Episode 4: Moar Krabs and Friends - Moar Krabs and his friends go on a joyride.


WARNING: Videos 1, 2, and 4 may not be suitable for young children and old people.

thumb|300px|right|Episode 1:MOAR KRabs Takes Over The Worldthumb|300px|right|Episode 2: MOAR Krabs and Squidwardthumb|300px|right|Episode 3: MOAR Krabs Listens to Cool Musicthumb|300px|right|Episode 4: Moar Krabs and Friends

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